Qualification Levels Recognised For The Direct Awarding Of Designations

According to SAQA policy for professional bodies, only SAQA accredited or SAQA recognised qualifications are recognised for the direct awarding of professional designations. The level of qualifications related to the level of designations are as follows:

Designation SAQA recognised qualification required for direct awarding of the designation
Religious PractitionerMatric plus one year of ministry experience (proven through RPL).
Advanced Religious PractitionerMinistry Qualifications on NQF Level 2 or 4.

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Occupational Certificate: Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Practitioner) (NQF Level 2; SAQA ID 101997)
  • Occupational Certificate: Social Counselling Support Worker (NQF Level 4; SAQA ID 111143)
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Theology and Ministry (NQF Level 4; SAQA ID 49057) (Existing certificates recognized – qualification deregistered)
Religious ProfessionalMinistry or theology qualifications on NQF Levels 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious Professional (NQF Level 5) (SAQA ID 101571)
  • Occupational Certificate: Social Counselling Worker (SAQA ID 111142)
  • • Academic ministry qualifications: Higher Certificate; Advanced Certificate; one- or two-year Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Honours Degree (SAQA recognised)
Religious SpecialistMinistry or theological qualification on NQF Level 9 or 10

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Academic ministry qualifications: Relevant qualifications: Master's Degree or Doctorate (SAQA recognised)