One of the functions of ACRP as professional body is to define the basic standards for ethical conduct for persons in religious practice. This has been done through the publication of ACRP’s Code of Ethical Values and Standards.

Persons affiliated to ACRP are expected to perform professionally in accordance with the values and standards as set out in the Code.


Any member of the public who is aggrieved by the conduct of an affiliate of ACRP may lodge a complaint of unprofessional conduct. A complaint may also be lodged by a Council, Committee, official or affiliate of ACRP. The complaint must be lodged in writing and be addressed to:

The Chairperson
ACRP Ethical and Disciplinary Committee
PO Box 12424

Alternatively it may be sent by e-mail to the ACRP Central office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and be marked as confidential. It may also be delivered by hand to the ACRP offices in Riviera, Pretoria.


In response to a complaint lodged with ACRP, the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee will investigate the matter in accordance with the ACRP Disciplinary Code. Should it be found that an affiliate has acted in an unprofessional manner, disciplinary steps may be instituted by the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee. In terms of professional body policy, the Committee may warn, suspend or deregister an affiliate.

  • Who has failed to comply with the relevant Ethical Code and Rules of Conduct
  • Who has failed to comply with the CPD requirements
  • Who has failed to submit a timely notification of the change of contact details appearing in the register in respect of such person; or
  • Who has failed to pay, within three months as from the date on which it became due for payment, the annual fee as prescribed.

As from the date on which notice has been given of deregistration any registration certificate issued to the person concerned shall be deemed to be cancelled. Such a person shall cease to practice the profession under the auspices of ACRP until such time as his/her name is restored to the register.


Any person who is aggrieved by any decision or disciplinary action may appeal against such decision, in terms of the prescribed appeals procedure.

Registration of an affiliate can be restored if the person concerned applies for such restoration and

  • Submits proof of his/her incorrect discharge to the satisfaction of the Professional Body
  • Pays any outstanding annual fees and an additional restoration fee as may be decided upon; or 
  • Complies with such other requirements as determined in terms of the ACRP disciplinary and appeals procedures.