Fee Structure

For the CGMP and CMTP the fee structure is as follows:

CategoryOnce off registration feeAnnual affiliation feeTotal First Payment
Associated Affiliate (no specific designation- “friends of ACRP”)R200R300R500
Religious Practitioner (1st level of designation)R200R300R500
Advanced Religious Practitioner (2nd level of designation)R200R350R550
Religious Professional (3rd level of designation)R200R450R650
Religious Specialist (4th level of designation)R200R600R800
Student affiliation (students not yet in formal ministry)R50R50
  • Applicants who cannot afford the fees may apply for a reduction (sponsorship) from the ACRP office.
  • Churches, training institutions or ministries who entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ACRP and act as intermediaries between their pastors/students/members and ACRP may apply for group discounts.

For the CPSC fee structure: visit the CPSC website.