ACRP Councils

ACRP’s services to the religious and ministry profession is provided under the identity of different professional councils. The councils are as follows:


This council is responsible for the professional body services to church and ministry leaders in general, and to specialists in sub-disciplines that do not have their own ministry councils (such as, for example, youth ministry, missions, and so on).

Affiliates linked to ACRP via CGMP are persons in ministry in churches and other ministry institutions, including persons in full time or part time ministry. CGMP is developing relationships and enter into Memoranda of Understanding with churches and other ministry institutions whose ministry members are being affiliated to ACRP. Individual persons in ministry can become associated with ACRP via CGMP via affiliated churches and ministry institutions, or directly through individual affiliation.

CGMP Board Members: Bishop Nyane Phomane, Adv Joel Baloyi, Dr Phillip Wandawa, Rev Leon Venter, Past Mangaliso Matshobane

CGMP Administrator: Ms Riana Andersen

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Since 1992, an informal (non-statutory) professional body service to the pastoral and spiritual counselling fraternity in South Africa was provided by the Southern African Association for Pastoral Work (SAAP). During 2016 SAAP joined forces with AMTP (see below) to form ACRP. The professional services to pastoral and spiritual counsellors are now provided by CPSC as a division of ACRP which fulfils its functions as a council within the wider ACRP framework.

The main reason for establishing CPSC was to take care of the professionalisation needs of the large number of well qualified pastoral care and counselling practitioners who could not be conferred formally recognised, professional designations in the past - because no space existed within the South African regulatory framework for the formal recognition of pastoral carers and counsellors. As a division of ACRP, CPSC applied to SAQA to be the officially recognised accreditation council within the South African regulatory framework for people who are involved with pastoral care and counselling.

Affiliates linked to ACRP via CPSC are drawn from a wide range of persons with a focussed or specialised counselling ministry, varying from lay pastoral workers, counsellors, chaplains, pastors, ministers and specialist counsellors to private practitioners, family and marriage counsellors, trauma counsellors and mediators.

CPSC Board members: Dr Tertius Erasmus (Chairperson), Dr Vincent Mazibuko (Vice chairperson), Prof Elijah Baloyi, Prof Nicolene Joubert, Dr Barbara Louw, Rev Wynand Louw

CPSC Administrator: Ms Anita Snyders

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This Council was previously known as the Association of Ministry Training Practitioners (AMTP). It was established by representatives of theological and ministry training institutions as well as churches and ecumenical networks. Its main purpose was to serve as a coordination platform among ministry training institutions; to pursue new opportunities that were created in the South African qualifications environment towards the formal accreditation of training of pastors and ministers who did not have the opportunity for formally recognised training in the past; and to create new opportunities for the large numbers of Bible schools and other training institutions in the country and over the continent to be formally recognised and registered within the South African National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Other reasons why AMTP (now CMTP) was established included the need to develop and pursue a joint vision for Christian leadership training in the country and over the continent; the need to create a teaching and training presence and unrestrained access to ministry training over the country and African continent; and to create opportunities for young persons who want to study but do not have access to tertiary institutions.

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CMTP Board Members: Dr Ishmael Noko, Dr Nontando Hadebe, Prof Marilyn Naidoo, Dr Phillip Wandawa, Dr Willem Semmelink

CMTP Administrator: Ms Andrea Leipoldt


Should a need for additional professional councils be identified for more ministry sub-disciplines (for example youth ministry, missions, and so on), practitioners operating within such sub-disciplines of Christian ministry, may request the ACRP Board of Directors to establish an additional Ministry Council for such a ministry focus area.