Guidelines On The Accreditation Of Qualifications

ACRP provides a support function to assist training institutions that intend applying to QCTO to be accredited. Institutions who want support from ACRP when preparing their application for accreditation by QCTO, are advised to complete the intent form and send it by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The NQF Level 2 and 5 ministry qualifications that were developed during 2015/16 by a workgroup brought together by ACRP workgroup under auspices of the HWSETA and QCTO, have recently been registered and published on the SAQA occupational qualification sub-framework. Training institutions may now apply for accreditation as Skills Development Providers (SDPs) with QCTO to present these qualifications.

To access the guidelines that were compiled to assist training providers when preparing to apply for accreditation as SDPs in respect of these qualifications, click here.

Note: ACRP does not currently provide support regarding accreditation by the Council for Higher Education. This is a function that will be considered at a later stage when ACRP capacity will allow this function to be effectively executed, which is not currently the case.