Structured CPD programmes are CPD programmes that are aligned with SAQA accredited ministry or theology curriculums. The purpose is to offer the ACRP affiliates the opportunity to progress bit by bit, through the annual participation in the relevant CPD programmes, towards the fulfillment of some of the requirements of a next qualification. This is done in a way that will enable the affiliate to apply at some stage in future to a SAQA accredited training provider for Recognition of Prior Learning related to the relevant qualification. The programmes mentioned below have been evaluated by ACRP in terms of their being aligned with the curriculum of the qualification mentioned.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Doing a structured CPD programme is not the same as doing a qualification. ACRP issues CPD certificates that count towards the number of CPD points an ACRP affiliate must earn every year. Qualifications are only awarded by QCTO or by a CHE accredited educational institution, upon the fulfillment of all the relevant requirements set by these institutions. These requirements include completing the full course through an CHE or QCTO accredited institution, and/or receiving credits according to the relevant RPL policy and completing the prescribed assessments. Structured CPD is intended to assist an affiliate who wants to achieve a next qualification, but who cannot enroll for the full qualification at the moment, to do work now as part of CPD that could at a later stage be taken into account, through RPL, as work done towards the qualification.

Affiliates are advised to read the information below in conjunction with the ACRP policy and strategy on CPD.

The following programmes have been approved and accredited by ACRP for structured CPD purposes:

  • Structured CPD courses aligned with the Occupational Certificate: Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Practitioner) SAQA Id 101997  
  • NBI Sokhanya NQF Level 2 Course
  • Structured CPD courses aligned with the Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious Professional SAQA Id 101571
  • NBI NQF Level 5 Course
  • Ebenezer Theological Seminary

Note 1: For the calculation of points for structured CPD points, see the ACRP policy and strategy on CPD.

Note 2: For structured CPD programmes that are aligned with components of the NQF Level 2 or 5 ministry curriculums, please also consult the ACRP policy and strategy on CPD.